Jordsjuk Unleash EP - Råtner På Rot!

In-your-face riff based and gritty metal: Jordsjuk unleash “Råtner på Rot”!

The groundbreaking new voice in black metal Jordsjuk drops their debut EP “Råtner På Rot”, and proves why the band is on everyone's lips! Jordsjuk plays fierce, deliciously primitive and groovy black metal with their feet planted in both death and corruption.

Listen here!

Their debut EP "Råtner på Rot" will unleash March 15th, and the band has the following to say:
Råtner på Rot is four tracks of in-your-face riff based and gritty metal, without any nonsense. Primal music for primal people!”

Despite being a new band, Jordsjuk's members are no strangers to the scene. In fact, the band consist of veterans from renowned bands such as Djevel, Nordjevel, Urgehal, and Koldbrann, to name a few.

The band immediately grabbed the attention of both fans and media with the release of their first two singles earlier this year, and Metal Injection has already recognized them as one of the best new bands in the scene!

The Norwegian paper Dagsavisen was also impressed:
“This could quickly become one of the year's hardest sensations, a trio playing dirty, sneaky, and devilishly obsessed black metal". - Dagsavisen

Jordsjuk will perform at the Indie Recordings stage at the Inferno festival, make sure you get a glimpse of the next big thing in black metal.

Track list - EP - Råtner På Rot:
1. Stein Til Byrden
2. Siste Skanse
3. Råtner På Rot
4. Viva La Apocalypse
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