Indie Recordings label night at Inferno 2023!

Indie Recordings are proud to announce our Inferno label night 2023! We are proud to serve you three of our finest and most devastating musical profanities. This will be one hell of a night at Salt.
This year features:
More than 10 years after their grand debut and four monumental albums later, the pioneers of progressive metal In Vain remain sovereign emperors of the prog-metal underground. Since its inception, the band has developed its own trademark sound through extensive exploration and seamless combination of musical genres. Their sound blends unique, innovative and catchy compositions, executed with top notch musicianship in all ranks.
Vorbid is a young, fresh, and incredibly energetic metal band from Arendal, Norway.
The band’s critically acclaimed releases have landed them tours with Norwegian underground heavy weights such as Aura Noir, Obliteration and Einherjer.
In 2022 Vorbid returned with even more technically challenging and intriguing music, with their second full length album A Swan by the Edge of Mandala, stepping up the game and proving themselves worthy of a place at the prog metal table.
Eradikated is a young, raw, and toxically compelling thrash metal band from Sweden, influenced by legends such as Exodus, Slayer and the early Metallica.
After hundreds of live shows and releasing the two studio albums ‘Still Screaming’ and ‘Voices and Visions’ the band reached a new peak in the summer of 2019, playing in front of thousands of metalheads at Sweden Rock Festival, receiving a 9 out of 10 in Sweden Rock Magazine.
Date & place: April 5th, Salt Art & Music
ID: 20
People with 4-day festival passes got access to this event. If you do not have a 4-day festival pass you will need a separate ticket to enter.
Click HERE to get your ticket for the event.
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