indie recordings label night inferno metal festival 2020


In keeping with tradition we are proud to show you some of the new talent we are so lucky to represent here at Indie Recordings. This year we give you an extremely varied evening with some of the absolute best music we have released on the label these last years.

We`re also thrilled to be hosting the event at YOUNGS for the first time, a new, great 480-cap venue we know will be a perfect arena for a huge party!
Doors: 20.00 | ID: 18 | FACEBOOK EVENT | TICKET LINK 
100x holders of 4-day passes for the festival can access this for free - Queue up - first come first serve.


The bands: 

In record-time Nordjevel has risen to become one of the most respected black-metal bands in Norway. With their amazing live-shows and crushing albums it seem like there is no stopping this band. We look forward to a brutal performance when Nordjevel close the Indie Recordings label-night at Inferno 2020.

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With their latest offering, Atomvinter, Alfahanne is rightfully claiming their place amongst the best black`n roll-bands out there. With their trademark sound they come off as a 100% genuine and unique band that also delivers amazing liveshows. After a sell-out tour back home in Sweden we are happy to welcome them as they set course for Oslo, and the Indie Recordings labelnight.

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Wolcensmen travel the atmospheric and epical landscapes of dark-folk music. Their sound consists of classical guitar, cello, voice, synth, piano and percussion to build memorable songs filled with tension, drama and emotion. Fans of Wardruna, Ulver and Dead Can Dance might find their new favourite this evening as Wolcensmen play their first ever show in Norway.

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