Indie Recordings announces the return of Vreid as they unleash their new single!

In 2004 VREID arose from the ashes of WINDIR after the tragic perishing of Terje ‘Valfar’ Bakken. From the very start Vreids mission has been to explore new musical paths and soundscapes.

 They continuously push their music to the limits and continue to grow musically.
This adventures journey has resulted in 9 albums, brought them to 25 countries, and have had them playing over 500 shows.
From its tumultuous inception, the Norwegian metal scene has always been about pioneering. Leading the black ‘n roll movement in Norway, VREID are the perfect example of that.
After almost 30 years playing together in Ulcus & Windir, and almost 20 years under VREIDs mighty banner, the Sognametal brigade are back with bombastic new track Flammen!

The first new musical output from VREID since their critical acclaimed Wild North West project from 2021.

Flammen (eng. - the flame) shows the true DNA of VREID’s musical universe, where classic heavy rock ruthlessly intertwines with atmospheric Nordic noir.
It is the result of spontaneous combustion of creativity; and was written, recorded, and released just within weeks, in the early summer days of 2023.
A standalone song that truly embody a band where the flame of passion burns stronger than ever.  
Life is now!

VREID have always chosen a course of constant evolution, marked by thematically denoted phases regarding their often historically inspired lyrics.
This became particularly clear with the albums “I Krig” (2007) and “Milorg” (2009), which both revolved around concepts dealing with resistance and liberation of Norway during World War II.
On the following three albums, “V”(2012) , “Welcome Farewell” (2013), and “Solverv” (2015), VREID where heavily influenced by the mythology of their Norse roots.
And in 2018 on the album “Lifehunger” the band successfully blended elements of 70’s rock, 80’s classic metal, and Norwegian black metal into intoxicating and hard-hitting black ‘n roll. The album also featured a remarkable guest contribution from SÓLSTAFIR’s vocalist Addi Tryggvason on the track “Hello Darkness”. 
In 2020, when the world came to halt, VREID kept on rolling.
They launched their own beer through Balder Brewery, an immediate success where all the first batches sold out. And in June 2020 VREID invited fans worldwide to their home region and hosted a massive streaming concert among the beautiful mountainous surroundings of the Sognefjord.
The concert, ‘Into the Mountains of Sognametal’ has sinced been viewed by over 140.000 people from over 40 countries.

VREID have hammered out their success partly by being a heavily touring band. The four-piece performed more than 500 shows in 25 countries so far. Their everlasting march to conquer new territories has led the Norwegians to headline tours in Europe, North America, Japan, and India.


Sture Dingsøyr - Vocal & Guitars

Jarle Kvåle – Bass

Jørn Holen – Drums

Stian Bakketeig – Guitars

Espen Bakketeig - Keys & Vocals

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