Get ready to headbang to Knogjärn’s EP “Tungrott”!

With melodic guitars and backing vocals countering the brutal and powerful riffs and drums, Knogjärn manages to captivate and grab hold of their audience in a way that forces you to listen!

Tungrott’s focus track is the heavy hitting and addictive Lika Mycket Som Mig which starts of in the deliciously heavy and relentless sound we have come to know and love the band for. Through fierce and aggressive rhythms with a fast-paced verses paralleled by an amazingly melodic chorus Knogjärn delivers what can only be described as a true rock banger.
With explicit Swedish lyrics and an emphasis on the “Hard” in Hard Rock, the unique sub-genre of Swedish Hard Rock is something you’ve got to love. Knogjärn are a band with their heart and soul buried deep within this genre. Their take on melodic hard rock combined with heavier elements from hardcore and metal makes Knogjärn into the perfect music to shake of yesterday and move into the future with. Pumping up the listener and turning everyone into a true Swedish Hard Rock fan.

Their records are the testimony that Knogjärn always give 100%! Hard’n’heavy riffs with raging vocals and explicit lyrics speak beyond their vernacular, beloved by their ever-growing crowd of fans.
 Lika mycket som mig
Hun många dagar kvar
Ger du dig
Du väljer sjölv vad du dricker
Väck mig igen
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