Gåte To Melodi Grand Prix!

On Jan. the 20th  Gåte is set to enter the semifinals of Norwegian leg of the Eurovision song contest with the brilliant and enchanting song “Ulveham”!

Listen here!

“Ulveham” is based on a medieval balled, and like other historical legends and songs it carries an important moral.

The song is a story of young maiden that undergoes a series of injustices, but by upholding justice and goodness, even in the toughest trials, she triumphs over evil forces and breaks the curse placed upon her.


Gåte emerged as a cultural gem in the early 2000s, seamlessly blending traditional Norwegian folk music with explosive rock, catapulting them from the confines of a practice space to grand stages in record time!

With this unique take on folk/trad rock and their triumphant live shows the band has managed to captivate massive audience.

The critically acclaimed band took a 12-year break before making a much-anticipated comeback in 2017, where Gåte again experienced enormous success with lauded live shows, two critically acclaimed studio albums, two EPs, and a mesmerizing live record.

Gåte’s music is a dark, mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful take on Nordic folk. Where they flirt with elements from traditional Norse and pagan music as well as from more modern genres like rock and industrial.
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