Fight The Fight Unleashes New Single!

With their third single, In Memory, Fight the Fight venture even further into their unsettling, yet compellingly melodic soundscape of progressive death metal.
A place where you are taken on a cinematic journey of the universe, fueled by a frustration and despair of what the world is, but also a relief of see things for what they really are.

Listen here!

 Videos unveiling the drum recording, with the charismatic and energetic Baard Kolstad (Leprous) behind the drums, has now gone viral on Instagram resulting on a tripling of followers on multiple platforms the last couple of months.


Fight the Fight on In Memory:
“In Memory is the last song we wrote for the album, it´s also the final track on the album. The upcoming album is highly conceptual with a clear storyline. The songs were written in pace with the story and were thus developed as we explored the narrative.

When you are writing a concept album with a storyline it’s especially difficult to choose the singles leading up to the album release.

In Memory is the 7-minute-long climax to this story. We tried to think outside the box and write in a way we have never done before while writing with this one. With dynamic changes, a lot of percussive elements and long, stretched out, parts that will make you feel like you are trapped in a vortex from which you cannot escape.
We are really proud of this one and we can’t wait to give you the full story.”
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