Fight the Fight Out With New Single!

Summer passed with in a flash but Fight the Fight haven’t spent it slacking around.
Their next single – the mighty and enigmatic 12800 has already attracted massive attention online.
Videos unveiling the drum recording of this single with the charismatic and energetic Baard Kolstad (Leporus) behind the drums., has now gone viral on Instagram.  Boosting followers both there and on Spotify.
And why wouldn’t it?
At 01:28 minutes - 12800 is effective, kicking, and catchy as hell!

Listen here!
The single brings you further into the ventures of Fight the Fights melodic deathcore and digs even deeper into the spiritual awakening Fight the Fight went through whilst creating this album.
Fight the Fight comment:
“"12800" is a short and intense song about our Ancestry on earth. We cant wait for you to hear it”

Norwegian high-octane metallers in Fight the Fight have created chaos in the Norwegian metal scene since their early teens.
The energetic and impressively technical, yet melodic band, have played at all the major festivals in Norway, toured Europe several times, and received massive praise among others from Metal Hammer UK for their exceptional live performances!
Their impressive live performances have let them play support for bands like Satyricon, Avenged Sevenfold, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dead By April, Kvelertak, and Mayhem.
Fight the Fight released their highly anticipated sophomore album titled “Deliverance” on September 18th via Metal Blade Records (North America) and Indie Recordings (worldwide ex. NA).
According to the British daily newspaper The Sport, Fight The Fight “have crafted one of the 2020’s best metalcore albums, as ‘Deliverance’ injects a heavy dose of funk and groove into the genre”, while Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide, USA confidently states that “‘Deliverance’ is a charging and epic iteration by Fight The Fight.”

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