Fight The Fight Is Back With New Single!

Fight The Fight are the soundtrack to punch your inner demons.
But furthermore, Fight The Fight are one of the most-interesting alternative metal groups out there always pushing to evolve their soundscape and challenge their listeners.
June 16th the band are finally returning with the brand-new single Monarch, their first new music since their critically acclaimed sophomore album Deliverance from 2020.

Monarch marks the return of Fight the Fight to their metal thrones - with an epic new and powerful blend of intoxicating metal, and a new line-up, their music hit harder than ever before.

Fight the Fight comment:
“After a few years of searching to find our path, we have found a direction that seems right for us.
When our former vocalist, Lars Vegas, quit the band, the remaining of us sat down and discussed our future.
We decided to come back stronger than ever and dig even deeper into our musical inspirations.”
And this track truly is something different. Through enticing melody lines - and brand new, compelling, and authoritative vocals, Monarch has Fight the Fight venturing into a metalcore soundscape, coloured by deathcore vocals, and empowered by prog metal elements.
It's catchy, new, and magnificent – not what you expected, but what you never knew you missed.
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