Erlend Ropstad’s new single gives us a much-needed feeling of springtime. Airy and romantic pictures are elegantly described with heavy guitars, drums, and bass in a way only Erlend Ropstad can.

In 2013 he made a song about kissing a girl at the bottom of a steep hill. Since then, he has put together a full band, reinforced his sound, and is now telling the same story anew in “Svevde Høyt Der Oppe” (Eng.: Flying High Up There).

erlend ropstad svevde høyt der oppe cover


This is the third single from the album “Da Himmelen Brant Var Alle Hunder Stille” (Eng.: When the sky was on fire, all dogs were silent), which is due later this spring. Like all the best rock albums, this one is also produced live in studio, with the full band in a circle. Some takes have been added later, like the day Erlend Ropstad was in the studio followed by Marthe Amanda Vannebo and her camera, filming everything in Roar Nilsen’s Nabolaget Studio. This has resulted in a music video, which is out now.


The two first singles from this album, were described as “yet another marvellous track” and “Ropstad proves what a splendid songwriter he is” by Norwegian Musikknyheter. The expectations to the new single have been high, and the track delivers! “Svevde Høyt Der Oppe” has the right amount of uplifting energy we all need these days.



«Svevde Høyt Der Oppe»

Erlend Ropstad: Composer and lyrics, guitar, vocal, piano
Gunnar Sæter: Drums
Per Jørgensen Tobro: Bass

Mastering: Propeller Mastering
Studio: Nabolaget


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