Erlend Ropstad expands his universe in Gleden & Sorgen!

Gleden & Sorgen (Joy & Sorrow), is an album consisting of tracks with contrasts as stark as the title itself. From pure, raw rock songs to softer, mellow ballads, Ropstad finds the perfect balance in his ninth studio album.
About the album title, Ropstad states; "Without the sorrow, there might not be so much joy in the joy. There is a duality, a yin-yang situation between the two, which makes them complement each other". Melancholy is a central part of his musical universe- the record being filled with vulnerable lyrics, ambient tones and synth driven songs.
Ropstad is arguably one of the major rock artists in Norway, with all previous albums nominated for the Norwegian Grammy awards. His level of songwriting is sky-high, and the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen once wrote that «Erlend Ropstad makes you think that rock was invented in the south of Norway». 
For 15 years, Erlend Ropstad has built his career as an artist step by step. Described as solid and colossal, Ropstad has gone from supporter slots in Norway and Europe, to performing on small club scenes, and after over a hundred concerts, he sold-out bigger venues and played at the biggest Norwegian festival, Øya. From the performance at Øya, Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen wrote «It was emotional to witness yet another chapter of Erlend Ropstads’ career on his road to truly master rock. He is ready for the stadium stages».
Alt er overalt
Det er det her som er din arv
Gleden & sorgen
Heilt uten synd
Ho lå heilt stille men ho var våken
Ikke på et eneste hotellrom
Om du var min bror
Siste liten
Oslo har stått opp
Vincents brev
Heilt uten synd (feat. Joddski)
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