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Trying to make plans hasn’t exactly been the easiest task of late. Most of the things we’ve been wanting to do the past 12-14 months ended up not happening at all. But that doesn’t stop us in trying to make new plans, and hope that things will turn around, so that we can see the Norwegian Rock poet Erlend Ropstad with his band De Rotløse on Norwegian stages again this fall. This will be the release tour for the coming album “Da Himmelen Brant Var Alle Hunder Stille.” (Eng.: When the sky was in fire, all dogs were silent.). The album will be out on April 16.

We hope to see people return to the venues that have been empty for way too long. Erlend Ropstad have always had a special connection with his audience, and it’s time to bring back this magic for the band, the fans and everyone else involved.

So, according to plan, Erlend Ropstad & De Rotløse will be back on the stage in just a couple of months, taking the mic, and welcoming the audience to an actual concert!

We can’t wait!


Tour dates:

Sep 29 - Tou Scene, Stavanger

Sep 30 - Festiviteten, Haugesund

Oct 1 - Usf Verftet, Bergen

Oct 2 - Florø Kulturhus

Oct 7 - Kulturhuset, Sunndalsøra

Oct 8 - Teaterfabrikken, Ålesund

Oct 9 - Byscenen, Trondheim

Oct 14 - Brygga Kultursal, Halden

Oct 15 - Verket Scene, Moss

Oct 16 - Sekkefabrikken, Slemmestad
Oct 21 - Spira, Flekkefjord

Oct 22 - Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn

Oct 30 - Thon, Harstad

Nov 17 - Rockefeller, Oslo





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