Eradikated Unleashes Debut Album!

Young Swedish thrash metal band Eradikated release their first full-length album!

Listen here! 

After releasing two successful singles since March, and playing several prestigious shows during the year, the young Swedish thrash metal band Eradikated will finally release their debut album Descendants.

On October 6th this beast will be unleashed in its full glory and we hope that the world is ready for this sonic attack. Descendants is a concept album containing a dark and dystopic story about climate change, human greed and ignorance, but also rebellion, hope and the need for resistance.
The 11 tracks are a diverse mix of fast, heavy and technical thrash metal, where the common theme spells aggression. 

"’Descendants’ is to be enjoyed from start to finish. Preferably in one sitting. Then you'll be able to grasp the album at the core and take in the atmosphere fully. It's not a bunch of singles stuck together like much of today's music. Rather it's a proper album like back in the day." – Erland Östberg (Eradikated)

Right after the contract with Indie Recordings was signed in November 2022, work began on planning the release of Eradikated’s first full-length album Descendants, which now finally is about to be unleashed on October 6th. The record is produced by Eradikated themselves and recorded by the band's guitarist Ragnar Östberg in his own studio East Hill Audio, then mixed and mastered by the well-respected Gustav Brunn at All In Audio.

The whole theme of the album is a dystopia and all the lyrics a coherent story, written by lead singer and guitarist Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia. The purpose with Descendants is to listen from start to end, partly to get the story straight, but all the 11 tracks are also composed to fit together and create a natural flow where you don’t want to skip any songs.

Descendants is a diverse mix of fast, heavy and technical thrash metal where the common theme spells aggression. Even though you clearly can hear some influences of the 80’s Bay Area scene, Eradikated is not to be seen as some retro thing. This is a young, raw and uncompromising band that without a doubt is ready to take on the world – they are the voice of a new generation.         

“Descendants is about an apocalyptic near future where climate disasters are ravaging humanity and greed has left everyone to fend for themselves. The lyrics tell a story of pain and suffering, and of different forces who try to bring about a new world. It's basically about a future I hope we can avoid.” – Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia (Eradikated)

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