El Caco out with new single!

With their second single “All in Favour”, El Caco take you back to the aggressive, yet emotionally driven stoner rock anthems of the mid-2000s.

 In a relentless combination of heavy and soft sounds, “All in Favour” is driven by the alluring and addictive beat of stoner rock drums and guitars, and leads you into an ever evolving and encompassing soundscape by fierce and potent rock, with great melody lines and catchy vocals. 
El Caco comment:
                        “Sometimes when you´re making music the song releases an energy that makes you bounce and groove immediately. All in Favour took us into a state of mind were we just wanted to blast out riffs and share all the energy, so we cannot wait to play this live.”
FFO: QTSA, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Skambankt, Motorpsycho, Helmet, Prong
El Caco (Spanish: thief) started up in 1998 and has kept on playing for soon to be 25 years.
As the name suggest, El Caco creates his music by "stealing" elements from a wide range of rock history, only to fuse them into something new and different, but also satisfyingly recognizable.
The result is powerful and convincing stoner rock, with an intoxicating mix of fierce riffs, distorted bass and with an outstanding vocal.
The band, who have previously released 7 acclaimed albums, have managed to build a loyal international fan base through their unique and energetic live shows and well-received tours.
2001 - Viva
2003 - Solid Rest
2005 - The Search
2007 - From Dirt
2009 - Heat
2012 - Hatred, Love & Diagrams
2016 – 7
El Caco:
Øyvind Osa – Vocals & Bass     
 Fredrik Wallumrød Drums      
 Anders Gjesti – Guitar


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