El Caco out with massive single!

Today, El Caco release the third single from their upcoming album Uncelebration.
Inventor is a fierce and massive rock track with a melancholic undertone.
This makes it the perfect soundtrack for the cold and unpredictable, yet equally alluring and promising mood of the early spring nights.
Where the long and dark winter nights melt into the soft smell of new life to come.
Inventor is a powerful and hefty song with a catchy melody, and somber vocals – the result is a track that manages to really enforce the lyrics of the song through in balance with the music. 

El Caco about the Inventor:
“When every possible way to fix a problem is tried and you have started inventing your own solutions, and it all turns out wrong, then in the end you are facing yourself.
The song and melody is kinda catchy and the vocals rather dark, but it gives the lyrics a nice wrapping.”
El Caco started up in 1998 and is set to release their 8th album spring 2023.  
The stoner rock trio carefully graft their music by incompassing a wide range of elements rock, only to fuse them together to their own unique blend. The result is powerful and persuasive stoner rock, with an intoxicating blend of enticing riffs, distorted bass, and outstanding vocals. 
The band, which have previously released 7 acclaimed albums - several of which have been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy, has managed to build a loyal international fanbase through their nothing but amazing live shows and vigorously international touring.  

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