Dreamarcher is a blackened progressive metal gem based in Oslo, Norway. With their extensive collective of melodic and screaming vocals, and their mixture of hard-hitting darkness and dreamy ambience, they skillfully balance the abrasive with beauty and sensitivity.

the bond dreamarcher
Listen to "The Bond" HERE


With "The Bond", Dreamarcher has managed to create a piece of blackened progressive metal art showing great skills in musicianship and creativity. The reviews have been great on the album so far: 

“Dreamarcher is truly the greatest example of intelligence and creativity in contemporary metal.”
Metal Hammer PT 4,5/5

“The Bond is an album worthy a place in the record collection of any music lover and fan of prog in general”
RTBM Music (MX) 9/10

“When 'A Fail Of Design' is the level for The Bond, it will be a great record to look forward to.”
“’The Bond’ is an album with countless sources of inspiration, but above all it underlines that Dreamarcher stands for its own unique sound.”
White Rooms Reviews (NL)

“a beautiful body of work, touching on otherworldly soundscapes. […] a truly majestic album showing how electic and graceful extreme metal can be.”
Zero Tolerance (UK) 4,5/6

“a very great sounding blackened progressive metal band”
A Different Shade Of Black Metal Zine 8/10

“This reminds me of a Ghost meets some more laid-back classic rock… a bit more dark and ambient and perhaps doomy”

Mosh Pit Radio (US)



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