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Sarke release the new single "Rebellious Bastard" today! It's the third single from the coming album "Gastwerso", due Nov 1st. "The single is cold metal meets the punk genre. Rebellious Bastard is in your face with a lot of attitude and atmosphere." -Sarke

With the legends Sarke and Nocturno Culto in the line-up, a discography of worldwide praised albums and an ever growing and evolving grim, dark and soothing sound, the next SARKE album “Gastwerso” is yet another great piece of icy and haunting black metal - and it's out soon! (Nov 1st)

A black and white poster
Hanging on the wall
Young naked girls
Laying on the floor
Bruised up and wasted
Beating down the door
Feeding the anger
Feeding the core

Rebellious bastard
Bitter, fierce and restless
Rebellious bastard
Cold and relentless

I`m a weasel
I don`t care
I live my life
Like an agitator
When darkness comes
I light the fire
Looking for trouble
Looking for a blast

I can see you on the other side
Drinking champagne in your Jaguar
I will shatter all your hopes and dreams
I will shut your mouth and make you scream

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