Sarke released the studio album "Gastwerso" on Nov 1, and the reviews have been great! With Thomas 'Sarke' Bergli's talent for songwriting and Nocturno Culto's grim and icy vocals, Sarke present music that gives the listeners chills down their spines.

Today we've released the last of the singles from "Gastwerso" to give the final track on the album some extra attention. According to main man Thomas Bergli, "Cribs Hand" is "One of my favourite tracks on the album. Dark, heavy and atmospheric, with a touch of beauty."


cribs hand sarke
Listen to "Cribs Hand" here!



Here are some few quotes from media on the album:
“[...] spot on regarding the creation of a gloomy musical project that at the same time is destructive enough while connecting different bridges in the black metal genre (speed – slowness, minimalism – symphonic and ambient – explosiveness).” 
World Of Metal (PT) 10/10

“This is a really interesting album which mixes gloom, bleakness and brutality with light, passion and subtlety.”
Ave Noctum (UK)

“"Gastwerso" covers such a diverse area of rock that it's very difficult to define their style, but one thing is certain: such unpredictable and unrestricted music can hardly be found on the metal scene today.”
Rozsdagyár Online Rockmagazin (HU) 9,5/10

“Sarke rules. […] Gastwerso sounds fantastic and is clearly the product of confident musicians. And why shouldn’t they be confident? Their combined experience and love of what they’re doing shines through, resulting in a dynamic, nuanced and mature album that not only explores further pathways but stands proudly next to their own works.”
Black Metal Daily 4/5

Tracks from the album have been added to several playlists in Spotify, Deezer and TIDAL, and is one of few selected picks under 'New Albums' on Apple Music's Metal page.

Lyrics for Cribs Hand:
My guardian angel has long abandoned me
For the gods have called my name
Dark days are what awaits me
My time has now come to an end

Black birds fly silently over me
The clouds slide slowly down to the ground
The mist is like a thick rug
The rain makes the ground heavy and dark

Cribs hand has come to me
To drag me down into dark
Deep down to and endless sea
My memories will be washed away

My existence will slowly rot
When the books have crumbled away
Then there is nothing left
Nobody will remember, no thoughts, nothing



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