Blomst out with new single!

A little bit of pop, a pinch of punk, a whole lot of garage.
A new Blomst track!?!
A gift you never knew you needed.
Blomst is still all about the fuzz, about good melodies and the meaningful lyrics.
And it is still some of the best and most emotive Norwegian rock you can find.
Get ready to groove into the new spring with some heavy energy and new cheer.
We are all a little bit lost in this day and age, Økernsenteret is just the right track to pull you through. Let’s quote Idles KFG.
Blomst about the song:
"Have you ever felt that everything is wrong, that the world is drifting away from you, and that you're stuck?
When you suddenly no longer see an infinity of possibilities, but keep looking back at what was. And your view is clouded by shapes and colors you don't recognise, and the walls that once supported you are crumbling down.
If this sound familiar, then you may have felt like the Økern Center. And when the world feels like this, it's good to reminisce with good friends."

Blomst (Eng.: Flower) are an uplifting, energetic and playful punk rock band straight from the garage! With Norwegian lyrics that speak an unfiltered truth they have been praised for their kick-ass front-woman and catchy songs. Blomst have quickly grown to be one of the finest exemplars of their genre in Norway.


Ida Dorthea Horpestad – Vocals, Guitar

Lasse Karlsen – Guitar

Stian Fjeld Engen – Bass

Teodor Andersen – Drums



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