Blomst out with new single!


Blomst just released their new single Festival 2010!

Festival 2010 is an uplifting and energetic, joyride of a tune - a perfect match for great summer, and to lift us all out of the drag that has been 2021 so far.

With their amazing melodies, great lyrics and in-your-face attitude Blomst blast into the Norwegian summer with the force of a mid June thunderstorm!

Festival 2010 is an uplifting, playful, and nostalgic track about Festival life to which any mid-20 to early 30-year-old can relate. With the best front woman in Norwegian rock and praised for their kick-ass performances and catchy songs Blomst always leave an impression on their audience!

Listen to Festival 2010 HERE

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For fans of The Dog, Oslo Ess, brenn., Ebba Grön. 

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