Atena are out with their new single “Oljebarn I Helligvann” today! Listen to the single on all streaming services or watch the video here:
Atena are one of the most innovative and unique metal bands from Norway, proving there’s more than black metal that roams in the country with their rare genre-mix. With a deep inspiration from hip hop, classical composers, and love for heavy music, the band entwines these elements together with lyrics from the dark and often hidden side of society and humanity. 
Atena are exceptional at songwriting, and “Oljebarn i Helligvann” proves their talent for thinking outside the box, making their very own brand of metal. The new single is the second track the band has written with Norwegian lyrics, and it suits perfectly with this track as it talks about the dirt behind the façade of rich Norwegians. “Oljebarn” is a Norwegian term, directly translating to “The Children of Oil” - the generation growing up today, benefitting from the welfare of today’s Norway as a result of the oil industry.
The band has commented: “The song is about Norwegian culture and the enormous Oil Rigs in the North sea that pumps life into the country. Money can't fix everything, but it for sure helps cover/dull problems. It's by no means a critique towards the Government, merely an observation of how massive and "evil-looking" the Oil rigs in the North sea look like while waves are pounding in on them as they pump black fluid into the fatherland.”
Their dark and experimental metal core has given Atena a unique stand in the Norwegian metal scene. Metal Hammer UK wrote that “Atena’s willingness to push boundaries needs to be applauded” while one of Norway’s biggest newspapers Dagbladet praised them for being “something semi-exotic in the Norwegian metal flora.”. The band has built a solid and engaging fanbase over the years, and with over 1 million streams and over 30.000 monthly listeners in Spotify alone, they are one of the most streamed metalcore bands from Norway!

Festival appearances include Summer Breeze, Inferno, Mass Destruction and by:Larm. Over the years, Atena have toured and shared stages with bands like Atreyu, Amaranthe, Dead By April, Emmure, 1349, Borknagar & Mayhem.


Band Members:
Vebjørn Iversen – Guitar
Jakob Skogli – Vocals
Ulrik Linstad - Bass
Fredrik Kåsin - Drums
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