Atena have pushed through to become one of the most noteworthy metalcore acts from Norway aswell as proving there’s more than black metal that roams in the country by extensive touring through Europe. With a deep inspiration from hip hop, classical composers and love for heavy music the band entwine these elements together with lyrics of darker episodes that occur through life. 

"Born Rotten" is the bands latest single, and it's out today! 



atena born rotten


"Born rotten is the first track of our upcoming concept-album based on a complex family drama where the first track evolves around a young teenager giving birth to a girl with no dad in sight. This relationship blooms throughout the album while life throws them curveball after curveball." - Vebjørn Iversen (lyrics, composer, producer, guitar)

Their darkand experimental metal core has given Atena a unique stand in the Norwegian metal scene. Thband have over the years build up a solid and engaging fanbase with over 1 million streams and over 15.000 monthly listeners in Spotify alonePrevious efforts have resulted in playlist inclusions, radio playlisting and good coverage in media, with Metal Hammer UK writing thaAtena’s willingness to push boundaries needs to be applauded” while one of Norways biggest newspapers Dagbladet praised them for being something semi-exotic in the Norwegian metal flora.”.


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