ATENA drops new single - Poison Pure!

Metalcore act ATENA hits all the right buttons with their new releases Poison Pure!

Upon listening to ATENA's latest single, you are instantly struck by a delightful blend of electronic, nostalgic, and playful elements. However, it doesn't take long before their signature sound takes center stage, featuring a powerful and intense riff alongside gripping screaming vocals. In summary, ATENA's new track is an exceptional fusion of metalcore, electronic elements, and irresistibly catchy melodies.

The band states:

“The essence of the song revolves around toxic attachments to people, objects, drugs, or any other form of addiction. As members of the band, we are all too familiar with the experience of being hooked on something, and it's a complex feeling to look forward to indulging in that thing at the end of the day - knowing that it's not good for us, but brings temporary pleasure nonetheless. The song explores this bittersweet sensation of craving something that's ultimately detrimental to our well-being.”

ATENA have pushed through to become one of the most noteworthy and experimental metalcore acts from Norway, proving that there’s more than black metal that roams in the country. Merging elements from classic metalcore with more urban soundscape, they address issues new generations face today. The new track is mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Imminence).


Vebjørn Iversen – Guitar

Jakob Skogli – Vocals

Ulrik Linstad - Bass

Fredrik Kåsin – Drums


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