Swedish rockers Alfahanne are out with their new single “The Heavy Burden”! This is the second single off the upcoming album “Atomvinter” (Eng.: nuclear winter), to be released on Oct 4th via Indie Recordings. Alfahanne are unique with their Alfapocalyptic dark and chilling rock and will make your head and foot move while causing shivers down your spine at the same time. There are no happy endings, no good news and the world is in ruins. With the very suitably titled new album “Atomvinter”, the Swedes have once more covered the earth in black smog. And we are thrilled!

The band has commented the single: “’The Heavy Burden’ is the first song by Alfahanne ever written in English. Alfahanne got fans all over the world, not understanding a word of the lyrics, and how it is to be part of the greatest rock band out there today. Let’s put it this way: it’s a heavy burden…”



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