Founded in Norway in 1997, 1349 have remained a constant influence on the Norwegian black metal scene. With a penchant for lightning speed riffing, blazing drums, and apocalyptic lyrics, the band has trail-blazed the underground, surpassing many of their peers through brute musical force. 


Two of their classic albums are out via Indie Recordings; nominated for Metal album of the year by the Norwegian Grammy Spellemann, "Massive Cauldron Of Chaos" from 2014, and their most sinister and brutal work, "Demonoir" from 2010. 

Both vinyls are sold out from our warehouse, and since these albums are great records, we wanted to do something special for the re-issues. So, on January 17th, we re-release "Massive Cauldron Of Chaos" on coloured vinyl with one red and one white side, and "Demonoir" will be available on double gold vinyl with gold colour cover print (instead of the original red). 


1349 black metal massive cauldron of chaos red white vinyl

1349 demonoir gold vinyl


Pre-orders are up now in the webshop! Go to all 1349 titles HERE.




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