Vreid delivers crushing Black Metal from the deepest and darkest corner of Norway - this is true Sogn Metal!




Reviews on “Sólverv”:

5/5 - Daily Rock | 9/10 - Metal.de | 93/100 - Lords Of Metal | 13/15 - Legacy | 88/100 - Ragghire
8/10 - Crank It Up | 8/10 - Musikknyheter | 8/10 - Occult Magazine | 5/6 - Panorama
4/5 - Metal Obs' Magazine | 5/6 - Scream Magazine | 5/6 - Norway Rock Magazine | 4/5 - Metallian


The Norwegian Grammy nominated Vreid venture back to their roots on their 7th album titled “Sólverv”. Cold dissonance and feverish melodies embellish this opus. Inspired by the blood heritage of Hváll who, alongside his fellow band members, hails from the deep valleys of Sogndal in Norway; a place where his ancestors fought and died to preserve their precious land. “Sólverv” is an epic milestone for this tyrannical brigade!


““Sólverv” is not just another album, this is the definition of our lives and heritage. We share a bond since our childhood days, and the fire burns stronger than ever. We strive for the timeless, and through our music we lose track of time.” - Hváll (bass, songwriter)

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