Vorbid is a fresh and incredibly energetic progressive thrash metal band from Arendal, Norway!


Norwegian experimental progressive thrashers Vorbid are finally back with new music! 4 years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Mind, Vorbid are set to further explore the outpost of progressive metal.

 Vorbid is a young, fresh, and incredibly energetic metal band from Arendal, Norway.

Both of the band’s previous releases, a self-titled EP from 2016 and their debut album Mind from 2018 received amazing reviews and got lots of media attention. Landing them tours with Norwegian underground heavy weights such as Aura Noir, Obliteration and Einherjer.

 In 2022 the Vorbid have returned with even more technically challenging and intriguing music, stepping up the game and proving themselves worthy of a place at the prog metal table.

 Vorbid’s music is highly conceptual. On A Swan by the Edge of Mandala  they wanted to compose and produce an album with a clear storyline. As such the music and lyrics for the album were written in parallel and then sewn together with regards to the concept and rhythm of the underlying narrative.

 Vorbid comments:

 “Through A Swan by the Edge of Mandala we have experienced that the music we write can vary quite a lot. From super heavy riffs to elaborate and vibrant saxophone sections, there really isn’t anything excluded in the "Vorbid-repertoire”, it just has to be created out of real conviction and genuineness.

 We have also experienced just how much the choice of producer impacts both the working environment in the studio, and on the outcome of the sound in its entirety. In other words, our relationship with Endre Kirkesola has just begun!

The music on A Swan by the Edge of Mandala has taken a different direction than what any of us in the band could have envisioned, and we have learned to find excitement and energy in the band again which is extremely fun!”



 Michael Eriksen Briggs – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Daniel Emanuelsen – Vocals, Lead Guitar

Marcus Gullovsen – Drums

Hans Jakob Bjørheim – Bass



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