After 3 long years VAK is finally back with new music. The brutally melodic, progressive sludge band is set to release a wonderfully dynamic double single Panorama / The Map in March!

 «Panorama» is the first track from the double single, an upbeat little devil, and a force to be reckoned with.  Through hypnotizing rhythms and vibrating and mesmerizing vocals you are chanted into an unknown soundscape.
The second single «The Map» is a seven-minute sludge beast journey bringing you both the powerful and sludgy dimensions and the progressive aspects of the band with head tilting grooves, heavy dark rhythms, and intelligent clean build ups.

FFO: Devin Townsend, Les Big Byrd, Kanaan, Motorpsycho, Conan, Monolord

VAK states:
“The first singles of our upcoming album address, firstly, the theme of Stockholm’s beautiful and treacherous “Panorama”, its lying and sinister post-card character. Secondly, they suggest how city-surveillance needs more resistant and downloadable “cop-maps”, enabling a policing of police.
Despite the gravity of these issues, we had fun recording for example the backing vocals on “The Map” calling on the listeners to “download” the not yet existent maps.


Well-produced, doom-groovy, stoner/sludge Swedish metal band VAK were highly praised for their previous album “Loud Wind” (2019).

UK Magazine Zero Tolerance wrote that it was “one of 2019’s contenders for best stoner metal album! […] It’s one thing to pack an album full of crushing riffs, memorable hooks and passionate performances, but VAK truly evoke a unified togetherness that beams throughout”, while Metal Temple (UK) gave it a 9/10, stating that "VAK is its own unique breed, one that has hints of the past but is focused solely on the future." Praised for their ability to incorporate more than just one style and genre in their music, drawing inspiration from a great variety of bands and artists, VAK’s upcoming album is something to look forward to!

Band Members:

Tobias Alpadie – Guitars

Anders Bartonek – Drums

Patrik Engström – Guitars

Jesper Skarin – Bass, Vocals

Robin Skarin - Keyboards


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