The cult of The Cruel Intentions vow to bring back the golden days of rock and roll, through the glorious ways of the demigods of Guns ‘N Roses, LA Guns and Mötley Crue.

The music reek of confidence - it is fast paced, humorous and hard-hitting, delivered to you by this decades most tenacious, vigorous and sassy band.
With a light mix of optimism and pessimism as their basic recipe The Cruel Intentions graze upon subjects like dark side of happy-go-lucky lifestyles, how mistakes spurt growth, and how choosing to stand out and live on the curbs of our society’s norms is both a freedom and a burden.
The Cruel Intentions was founded in 2015, and consists of Mats Wernerson, Lizzy DeVine, Kristian Solhaug and Robin Nilsson.
All which have previously been involved in an array of different bands. Notably Lizzy De Vine lived several years in Los Angeles where he was the singer and songwriter of Vains of Jenna, a band that got their breakthrough with performances in the movies Jackass/Viva La Bam/Kat Von Dee’s LA Ink, together with touring multiple times throughout the states.
With millions of streams on Spotify and international recognition for their insanely intense live shows, The Cruel Intentions present a unique take on sleaze rock in a modern, Guns N’ Roses meets Sex Pistols meets Buckcherry style.
Though it’s been a minute since their last release (No Sign of Relief 2018), the band has been anything but idle. The writing process for their newest album, Venomous Anonymous started already late 2019, and the band has been touring extensively. And the band have seen a massive growth after three of their songs was featured in the Peacemaker HBO series directed by the notable James Gunn (Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy).

Serving the perfect blend of melodrama and fun, Venomous Anonymous is nothing less than an addictive album, filled to the brim with attitude, massive riffs, and seducingly feel-good music. An album true to their genre and expression, but also an album that would take the band down new musical paths and have them explore new ideas.

Now finally, after years of hard work, extensive collaboration where all the band members were involved in the songwriting process Venomous Anonymous was born. An aggressively melodic bombshell of an album!


Lizzy DeVine - Vocals & Guitar

Kristian Solhaug - Guitar

Mats Wernerson- Bass

Robin Nilsson - Drums


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