It’s a short and simple story: I got fed up with the big productions and long sound checks that comes with Cult of Luna. So, it’s back to the roots of my salad days in Umeå. 

I decided to write 14 songs in 14 days inspired by the bands I worshiped as vegan straight edge punk kid: Judge, Battery, Integrity, ACME and Damnation AD. The concept is to not spend 1 000 days in the studio and nitpick over every drumbeat and production details. The musical destruction has to be alive and direct, tailor-made to induce mosh mayhem and walls of death.

I hooked up with Fredrik and Christian, both with a past in the crust/grind terror force Totalt Jävla Mörker. One rehearsal sealed the deal and we recorded three tracks in one night about to be released as a 10 inch vinyl on the Norwegian metal label Indie Recordings.

Adding guitar player Marita and bass player Christoffer 138 (DS-13, AC4, Epileptic Terror Attack, Sonic Ritual etc) the lineup was complete. And thus, we are ready to slam dance all over the world.

Are you ready? Tonight we ride!


"This is Hardcore at it's hardest, with excellent, well-played solos. There are buckets of talent in Riwen.."

 5,5/6 - Norway Rock

"Yes, here the rude gorge smashes one's face in!
Riwen beats us round the head with songs which have a certain attitude of pure Punk. Indeed, they signal that they
take no prisoners."

9/10 - Metal Only

About the E.P

"This is a ‘must have’ in my book, Hardcore at its absolute finest, painfully short but packing more into its twelve minutes than most could manage in an hour."

5/5 - Planetmosh

"Raging as hard as anything he has ever recorded but with a bitter punk flavour, this is further proof, if it were even needed, that Persson exudes venom with every chord and his ferocity is matched only by his sheer class."

9/10 - thisisnotascene






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