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A lot has happened since the release of the debut album "Forget The Past, Let's Worry About The Future" in 2016. In 2021 Pil & Bue are finally back, with both new music and a new line-up! 

Pil & Bue hit you in the face and heart at the same time. Influenced by shoegaze, rock and prog they deliver ethereal and poppy sounds that are hard to forget. 




Pil & Bue are forceful duo from the very depths of northern Norway, who despite their minimal format sounds like a full-blown band. 

Consisting of Gøran Johansen on drums and percussion and with one of Norways most unique and powerful voices, Petter Carlsen, on vocals and baritone guitar; Pil & Bue deliver an explosion of raw, hard, and melodic rock with a twist of darkness.

With subtle, but pronounced references to artists like Placebo, Deftones, Sigur Ros, Anathema and Mars Volta, Pil & Bue delivers “Hard, gloomy & joyful music...” (Metal Hammer NO) based on topics like memories, childhood aspirations, use of imagination, video games, and the intriguing online rabbit holes.

The band´s raw and melodic music quickly struck a note with Hollywood director Tommy Wirkola who included the Pil & Bue single “You Win Again” in his now cult-status movie “Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival January 2014.

Also, their single “Fire” from second album “Forget the Past, Let’s Worry About The Future” is featured on the end credits of Hollywood/Netflix blockbuster “What Happened To Monday” (2017).

In 2021 the band are returning following a three-year hiatus, with big changes in the line-up.


Reviews from the debut album:  

"The duo from the North has not been around for long, but has already managed to cement a sound that's unique, vital and long-awaited" - Torgrim Øyre, Dagbladet, 5/6

6/6 – Scream Magazine
6/6 – Rana Blad
6/6 – iFinnmark
5/6 – Dagbladet
5/6 – Fædrelandsvennen
5/6 – Avisa Norldland
5/6 - Altaposten
5/6 - Panorama
90/100 – Hissig.no
9/10 - Powermetal.de
8/10 – metal.de
4.5/5 – Rock N Reel Reviews
8.5/10 – Metal1.info
4/5 – Sea Of Tranquility

“An album classed as "a global sound experience", I am not going to analyse each song when the sum total is so satisfying!” Voir.ca


Pil & Bue is: Petter Carlsen - Guitar & vocals | Gøran Johansen - Drums


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