Finnish Palehørse is one of the most exiting acts out of the nordic metal scene!

With the visionary leadership of their multitalented frontman Lassi Mäki-Kala, Palehørse creates music that defies easy categorization, but is impossible to ignore.

Palehørse (formerly known as Amendfoil)  has previously received great reviews, perfect scores, and a steady stream of gigs and festival appearances. With that Palehørse has quickly become a rising star in the metal world. Their latest self titled album was released in spring 2019.

“These guys have a knack for writing superbly intricate melodies yet catchy, earworm choruses. The combination of alt- and prog-metal in these songs is stellar, and ranks high on my list” - Heavy Metal HQ (US)

“The band succeeds in combining Finnish metal with catchy and smooth world-class expression.” - 4/5, Inferno Magazine (FIN)

“Their mix of Progressive Metal and Alternative Rock is f***ing energetic and sweat inducing. […] An extremely fun listen!!!” - Black Salvation (DE)

Join the growing legion of fans who have discovered the exhilarating power and passion of Palehørse's music.


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