Finnish Palehørse is one of the most exiting acts out of the nordic metal scene!

(formerly known as Amendfoil) is combining extreme technical skills, right-in-your-face attitude, desert-crossing roughness and multiple vocal harmonies in a way that is very hard to categorize but easy to give recognition. Numerous reviews with perfect scores for both of their self-released albums, hundreds of gigs and festival appearances are just some of the milestones along the rise of Palehørse. Their latest selftitled album was released in spring 2019 to great reviews.

These guys have a knack for writing superbly intricate melodies yet catchy, earworm choruses. The combination of alt- and prog-metal in these songs is stellar, and ranks high on my list” - Heavy Metal HQ (US)

“The band succeeds in combining Finnish metal with catchy and smooth world-class expression.” - 4/5, Inferno Magazine (FIN)

“Their mix of Progressive Metal and Alternative Rock is f***ing energetic and sweat inducing. […] An extremely fun listen!!!” - Black Salvation (DE)

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