Inspired by every corner of heavy music, Overthrow is a thrash induced catchy rockn’roll band! After gaining national attention with their first two demos, the band has been on the road and supporting renowned acts such as In Flames, Clutch, Kvelertak, Cancer Bats and Valient Thorr as well as opening the main stage for Lamb of God at the Hove festival. Overthrow is now ready to unleash their debut album “Adjust to Darkness” mixed by the one and only Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Purified in Blood, Botch, Isis ++) and produced by Ashley Stubbert to be released October 23rd by Indie Recordings.

"Wrapping up their set with "Sleeplessness Awaits" and "Destroyeryouth", I'm convinced: it could be time to clear the throne for four young men from Rogaland." -Kim Klev, Lydverket.

Overthrow was formed when the band members were only in their mid-teens as a way to express their huge passions for heavy music, in a band that first and foremost consists of good friends. Overthrow had no desire to be categorized as one of the many sub-genres in metal. Instead they let their varied and ever changing musical influences take them wherever it lead. In the beginning Overthrow was mostly influenced by classics such as Metallica, Slayer and Pantera, but as they grew and matured they opened their eyes for the wealth of great underground – and mainstream bands out there; from bay-area thrash, Florida-death metal, to the current great metal bands. Overthrow’s lyrics tell you what this band is about. They are not about being original by outfits or looking good, but about believing in living and doing what you want instead of wearing a suit and soulless dollar eyes.

After releasing their two demos "Octoskulls" (February 2011) and "Sleeplessness awaits" (July 2011), Overthrow received a lot of attention which led to supporting slots for renowned bands such as In Flames, Clutch, Kvelertak, Cancer Bats and Valient Thorr as well as opening the main stage for Lamb of God at the Hove Festival in Norway. After the performance at the by:Larm festival the same year it was stated: “expect nothing less than your intestines ravaged and your inner ear slaughtered” and their music was described as “massive nut-squeezing metal songs” by the by:Larm news. Overthrow became known for their energetic and aggressive live performances which resulted in outstanding live reviews:

“If this band, which has barely entered their twenties, keep developing at this speed, this is a great starting point for a band we will be hearing a lot from in the future. This is something to look forward to!” – 8/10 Musikknyheter.no. 

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