If ice cold black metal from Norway sounds like your kind of thing, be sure to check out Nordjevel!

 Doedsadmiral founded Nordjevel (Eng.: Northern Devil) in 2015. Since then, the line-up has changed some few times, and is now finalized with these stellar members and great musicians: 

Doedsadmiral - Vocals (Svartelder, Doedsvangr, Enepsigos)
Destructhor - Guitar (Myrkskog, ex-Morbid Angel)
Dominator - Drums (ex-Dark Funeral)
Valla - Guitars (Vredehammer, ex-Abbath, Allfader)
DzeptiCunt - Bass (ex-Ragnarok)

Nordjevel has released 2 albums, "Nordjevel" (2015) and "Necrogenesis" (2019, and the EP "Krigsmakt" (2017) - all critically acclaimed albums that quickly gave the band a big crowd. 


Quotes from reviews: 

"With that much kvlt cred [reg. line-up], it’s a lot of hype to live up to. And thankfully, Necrogenesis largely lives up to such lofty expectations, and in a few ways exceeds them." - Angry Metal Guy

"Nordjevel is a force sure to smash the listener in the face. […] a divine ride of dense aggression, anguish, and pain. […] all 9 tracks are brilliantly executed." - 10/10 from This is Black Metal

 "[…] this is a mountain of a record, that I`m sure will stand the test of time. […] Brilliance, just brilliance, Horns up for the mighty Nordjevel!" - 10/10 from Blessed Altar Zine

"[…] greatly surpassed my expectations and has become one of my most played black metal albums of late. There is not a track on this record that I get tired of or skip at all which is a huge plus especially within this genre that seems to find working formulas and stick to it. Nordjevel is helping pave the way for what Norwegian black metal should sound like moving forward into the next decade." - 8/10 from Ghost Cult Magazine



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