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Once upon a time, Kristopher and Peter were raisin' hell all over Norway as members of the obnoxious and notorious punkrock combo called Datsun. Stinkin' drunk and merciless, with chronic erections and no good intentions, they left a trail of destruction, chaos and crying girls. City after city got rocked to smithereens and reduced to pissdrenched ruins. No one was safe!

Years passed by, slowly like snails in sand, but then... in the beginning of July 2009 their crooked paths suddenly crossed again. Covered with scars, old, thirsty, broke and bored out of their heads, the two drunkards both knew that something had to be done! Something had to happen! They both looked deep into their beers for quite a while, contemplating. Some bellyscratching and nosepicking occured before suddenly... Boom! Like a revelation, the two intoxicated men synchronized realized that the time had finally come! The time had come to once again unleash some demons, kick some ass, create havoc and corrupt some innocent souls. There and then a new band was born. A ravenous, shitfaced and pissed off beast... Mongo Ninja!

After a quick rehearsal as a duo Peter soon got his good friend and fellow Blood Tsunami member, Bård to join in on drums. After one more rehearsal, this time as a three piece, they agreed it was time to become a full blown band. Christian from Lobotomized was headhunted to manhandle the second guitar and Mads from Russian Poker showed up with a four string bass and a six pack of beer. After this rehearsal Mongo Ninja had five members, a bunch of songs and nowhere to go except straight into studio. Ex-Datsun member Anders Henningsen said yes to record the noise and during one Saturday in August they got together, drank an unbelievable amount of beers, had some friends over, drank some more and ended up at the local bar... But in between all this they also managed to record the debut album "...And The Wrist Is History".



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