MARATON pushes the boundaries between pop music and progressive rock, mixing machine like drums and roaring bass groundwork with shimmering guitars, ethereal keys and sacral vocal performance. The band has sought to create a style of music which combines the rhythmic heaviness from bands such as Mars Volta with the pop aesthetics of Muse.

In 2014 a dream and a journey towards a record emerged from the guys of Maraton. At this time the band consisted of Fredrik Bergersen, Simen Ruud, Kevin Alvaro and Frank Norden Røe. They had a vision to make an album that was uncompromising and groovy with hook`s that would make you sing along after the first listen.

By digging into Simen`s creative foundation they pulled out sketches and ideas that could have potential of becoming record material. After several months of productive creation, Maraton could finally see a shape of what to come. During this year, the only thing that mattered for the guys was making music and lyrics that in the end could merge into "META".

After all the pilots for the album was done, it was finally time to start the recording. One of the criteria and dream of the band was to only work with the best and qualified professionals in Norway when it came to studio, mixing and mastering. Something Simen had dreamt about for years, was to collaborate with the incredible talented Henning Svoren, at Ocean Sound Recordings in the most beautiful surroundings in Giske, Norway. This dream was going to become reality.

With great help from technician Thomas Wang at Urban Sound in Oslo, they managed to record all drums in just one week. Bass and guitar were recorded at Simen’s home studio and by Simen himself. After putting down Kevin’s bass lines, Simen added guitar, synths and all the other musical toppings you can hear on the record. By spending good time on every instrument, the songs and sound started to take a shape that the band were very happy with. It was extremely important that each song had a meaning and that the final album had a red line in which all the tracks could be connected.

During the recordings of the instrumentals, Fredrik worked hard making melodies and lyrics for each song. Simen has always been a fantastic songwriter, and the collaboration between him and Fredrik would blossom under the creation of "META". Combining Simen’s magnificent writing and melodic skills with Fredrik’s passion to convey, they were able to create a story and nerve behind each song. The theme on the album is mainly human mentality; individual and personal reflections of this crazy world. One can say that the theme is psychology.

At Øyvind Voldmo’s studio Lion Heart in Oslo, they recorded all vocals and harmonies in one week. As mentioned above, Fredrik and Simen spent a lot of time to get the right "nerve" to each song. Next up was mixing, which was done at Ocean Sound Recording in Giske, Norway, with the brilliant Henning Svoren. Here they fulfilled Maraton’s vision for "META"’s distinguished sound. Mastering was done later by the magician Stamos Koliousis.

The whole project from 2014 until today has brought a lot of up`s and down`s. After the album was finished, both Simen and Kevin decided that there were other aspects of life they wanted to explore rather than music. Fredrik and Frank respected their decision, but still had great ambitions of what Maraton’s future would hold. So they found the best musicians they could possible find for Maraton: Vegard Liverød, Jon Vegard Næss and Magnus Johansen. Together they have formed a companionship and team that would fulfill the sound and dream of Maraton. This album has brought laughter, tears and hundreds of hours of work. "META" has been a journey that Maraton can be proud of and stand behind the rest of their life.

Frank Røe | Fredrik Bergersen Klemp | Vegard Liverød
Jon Vegard Næss | Magnus Johansen


“…looks like a winner of the year, superb album!”

Eklekktik Rock, FR 

"Music fans of all kinds: don't let this masterpiece pass by you!” –

95/100, Musika, BE


9/10, Lettere dal Underground, IT

“The power of Maraton is in their genre-transcending sound…”

83/100, Aardschok, BE

“Heavy, melodic and indeed well-produced debut.”

 8/10, Artrock, SE

“Special and modern, Maraton’s debut successfully mix prog and pop.”

Recommended by Rocking.Gr

“This is good stuff!”

8/10, Stargazed, SE

“Excellent musical performance of the gentlemen”

Lords of Metal, NL



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