Swedish Knogjärn (Eng.: Knuckle-duster) is the in-your-face kind of Hard Rock, kicking ass from the very start. This is music that makes you want to crack open a beer, turn the volume to 11 and rock ‘til you f***ing drop.

The unique sub-genre Swedish Hard Rock is something you’ve got to love. With its explicit Swedish lyrics, intense and energic live shows, and an emphasis on the “Hard” in Hard Rock. This is music that will pump you up and make you fight-ready to party extremely hard. And Knogjärn is all of this, and a bit more.
Since the start in 2015, Knogjärn has delivered hard hitting music with in-your-face attitude to a quickly and ever-growing crowd of fans, who has already started to cover themselves in Knogjärn tattoos. Their three studio records portray a band that always give 100%. It is raging anger, hard, and heavy. They sound great on record but deliver even more on stage; “We want you to like our live performance even if you don´t like our music”.
Kim Eriksson – Vocals
Markus Hurtig – Guitar
Rasmus Sörbom – Bass
Johan Hidén – Drums
2015 - “Våldet i ditt Paradis” (Eng.: The Violence In Your Paradise)
2017 - “Marscherar och Förstör” (Eng.: March and Destruct)
2020, May - “Stora och Farliga” (Eng. Bid and Dangerous)
2020, Nov - “Kvarlevor” (Single collection. Eng. Remains)
2020, Dec -  “Stora och Farliga” re-release with new bonus track
2022, April - "Tungrott" (Eng: Tongue Rot)
2023, January - Mera Bedövning (More Anesthesia)
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