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Gloson came together in the summer of 2012 in Sweden with one solitary goal; to create dark music offset with the smallest glimmer of hope. Turning to their own personal and internal wastelands to see what would manifest from their subconscious, Gloson´s music is a soundtrack to our current, cruel and convoluted era.
The band embarked on their first journey in 2014 with their debut digital EP Yearwalker. The EP was well- received, and to celebrate the fact, the album was re-released on a LP format in the following year by two labels; Catatonic State from Sweden and Art of Propaganda from Germany.
Their highly regarded first full-length album Grimen featured a powerful production mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna and was released in 2017 to amazing reviews:
“Don’t you love it/hate it when a band comes along, seemingly out of nowhere, with a debut album so good you struggle to grasp how they’ve actually managed it?” - No Clean Singing
 “it’s a breathtaking achievement for a band that’s just getting started” - The Sludgelord
“Grimen is a formidable debut album from a band who had a tremendous start.” – Metal Storm
Now after the small glimpse to the new era with the EP “Mara” in 2019, Gloson is ready to take a further step into the world and has signed with Indie Recordings for further endeavors into this cold and disruptive world.
Mara – 2019 - EP
Grimen – 2017 - Album
Yearwalker – 2014 - EP
Christian Larsson - Guitar, Vocals
Kristoffer Bruhn - Bass, Vocals (Backing)
Samuel Envik – Drums
Anders Persson - Guitar, Vocals
GLOSON - The Rift (CD)

GLOSON - The Rift (CD)

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GLOSON - The Rift (2LP)

GLOSON - The Rift (2LP)

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