Fixation is a new hard rock band from Norway just breaking through. Their impressive new EP “Global Suicide” consists of four massive, hard-hitting rock songs that cross over with metalcore. With their social criticisms, heavy riffs, massive melodic synths and impressive talent, Fixation are set to make a big name for themselves!

Heavy soundscapes, catchy melodies, and impressive vocals hit hard on Fixations’ debut EP, where every track is an instant hit. The mixture of heavy guitars and massive synths showcases the influence of bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Nothing But Thieves and Architects. Many hours of hard work and perfectionism lie behind this EP as it was important for the band to create a basis that they could continue building around. To guarantee a massive sound, Jason Livermore (Rise Against, Carnival Kids, etc.) mixed and mastered the record, ensuring that “Global Suicide” would be a veritable punch to the gut.
Their lyrics focus on important subjects like the climate crisis, political injustice and mental health. While encouraging and supporting those who struggle, their message shows that they are tired of the greedy, self-centred way that many world leaders act and how so many of them disregard equality and basic human rights. On this EP, Fixation reflect upon the state of today’s society while focusing on where they feel we need to take drastic action. Hence the title of the EP, “Global Suicide”.

Band Members:

Jonas Hansen – Vocal and keys

Martin Gravdal – Bass

Martin Stenstad Selen – Guitar

Mats Klevar Holm – Drumms

Tobias Østerdal – Guitar



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