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Blomst (Eng.: Flower) are an uplifting, energetic and playful garage-punk-rock band with Norwegian lyrics that speaks the unfiltered truth. Praised for their kick-ass frontwoman and catchy songs, Blomst have grown to be one of the finest in its genre out of Norway. 
The rockers in Blomst met in Trondheim, Norway and has since their first concerts made people dance and sing along to their energic punk/rock. Their discography consists of the EP "Hold Kjeft og Smil" in 2012 (Eng.: "Shut up and smile"), their s/t debut album "Blomst" in 2015, a B-sides EP "B for Blomst" in 2016 and the album "Blomst IL" from 2019. Starting out as a promising quartet, they've been supported by Norwegian press all the way and are now one of the best in the country within their genre, especially live and not to be missed! 

After a great 20019, including sold out concerts, several festivals and an album that was praised with good reviews, radio playlisting and four Album of the Year listings in Norwegian press, it is only fit to extend the life of the "Blomst IL" album (Eng.: IL = Norwegian abbreviation for Sports Team) with extra time and two new tracks. Blomst had just played two sold out nights in a row in Oslo, right before the pandemic put an end to all their plans for 2020. Many concert bookings and 10 festivals have been put on hold, but the team spirit is still strong with new tracks coming soon and a live stream concert TBA!

The sports team Blomst IL does not require any talent to join, as the sport is life itself and no one knows the rules. We don’t know how, but with a solid team spirit we feel the victory is within reach. Offensive play against forces that try to hold us back is encouraged, even if it breaks with norms and rules. We`ve had a poor season, but together we are strong, and we’re ready for “ekstraomgang” (Eng.: extra time). It is time to stand up, join the team, and win the fight of your life!
The lyrics are a reality check from life in the mid 20`s. The lyrics address topics like body shaming, grief, “good girls” and love. Ida Dorthea Horpestad and the rest of Blomst gives you a unique look behind the smile of a young adult. “When I turned 25, the veil was removed. I realized how much money and power there is to gain, by making others feel like they`re not enough. That industry provokes me. We hide behind a pretty band-aid. Let`s just rip it off and see what happens! -Ida Dorthea Horpestad

Press Quotes “Blomst IL” and live:

"Lively garage-punk, with strong lyrics, good energy and powerful vocals. I sincerely hope that many people check out this album and that it becomes the breakthrough the band deserves" - 9/10 Disharmoni (NOR)

"Front-woman Ida gets to show how awesome she is. It's great that someone still makes raw, catchy and unpretentious albums like this!" - 5/6 Deichman Musikkbloggen (NOR)

"Playfulness combined with rawness, and catchy songs [...] strong lyrics and a crisp, raw production." - 5/6 Gaffa (NOR)

"There is hope, both for the kids and for punk-rock. [...] Magic happens when bands like Blomst dare to play, be themselves and go their own way."- 8/10 Musikknyheter (NOR)

"Takes on the legacy from Raga and Jokke." - 5/6 Altaposten (NOR) Live review 2019

“Blomst celebrated their 10-year anniversary at Trondheim Calling, we want 10 more. […] This is proper good garage-rock.” - Dusken (NOR) Live review from showcase festival Trondheim Calling 2020

Band Members:

Ida Dorthea Horpestad – Vocals, Guitar
Lasse Karlsen – Guitar
Christopher Robin Omdahl – Bass
Teodor Andersen – Drums

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