Blomst mille Frømyhr

Blomst (Eng.: Flower) are an uplifting, energetic and playful garage-punk-rock band with Norwegian lyrics that speaks the unfiltered truth. Praised for their kick-ass frontwoman and catchy songs, Blomst have grown to be one of the finest in its genre out of Norway. 

The rockers in Blomst met in Trondheim, Norway and has since their first concerts made people dance and sing along to their energic punk/rock. Their discography consists of the EP "Hold Kjeft og Smil" in 2012 (Eng.: "Shut up and smile"), their s/t debut album "Blomst" in 2015, a B-sides EP "B for Blomst" in 2016, the album "Blomst IL" from 2019, and their latest album "Triatlon" released in 2022.
Starting out as a promising quartet, they've been supported by Norwegian press all the way and are now one of the best in the country within their genre, especially live and not to be missed! 
In May of 2022, Blomst delivered a brand new album for the world and the web to listen to. With “Triatlon”, the lyrics paint an honest picture of an everyday life where hanging on gives you something, but perhaps not enough. An everyday life where you so badly want to but can't. An everyday life that is a little different, but still not at all. Ida Dorthea Horpestad, together with the rest of Blomst takes you on a journey through life's oddities and childishness, to life's normalities and loneliness.
With TriatlonBlomst delivers a record filled with epic guitar riffs, propelling rhythms and tambourines, but this is also an album where they dare to experiment more with both sound and expression, and offer a more vulnerable side of themselves than we are used to. Blomst depicts the frustration that every young adult can recognize, and throws themselves wholeheartedly into everyday frustrations and the struggle to achieve your own goals.


Ida Dorthea Horpestad – Vocals, Guitar
Lasse Karlsen – Guitar
Christopher Robin Omdahl – Bass
Teodor Andersen – Drums

Hold Kjeft Og Smil, EP – 2012
Blomst – 2015
B for Blomst, EP – 2016
Blomst IL + Ekstraomgang – 2020
Triatlon – 2022

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