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8,5/10 -
8/10 -
Blodig Alvor (Eng = Bloody Serious) is a Norwegian-language rock band from the West Coast of Norway, more specifically the town of Aalesund. They are the next band breaking out of the new Norwegian rock scene spearheaded by bands like Kvelertak, Man The Machetes, Blood Command and Oslo Ess. 
 Despite the band's young age they are already seasoned musicians having toured Norway extensively spreading their gospel of punk, rock and hardcore. They’ve shared stages with renowned Norwegian acts like Oslo Ess, Raga Rockers, Valentourettes and Skambankt. And they have done so with an intense live show, as if each performance were their last.
Their lyrics cover aspects of society’s darkened alleys. Through songs like ”Blodig Alvor”, ”Start en Revolusjon” and ”Vår Resignasjon”, the band channels their frustration for the society we live in.
 “As we are not only about our music but also sending a very clear and direct lyrical message, we chose to sing in our native tongue.” singer and guitarist Markus den Ouden comments. ”The lyrics are kind of a sum-up of the topics closest to our hearts, and a mixed salad of criticism towards society, the way we live, and other negative emotions and obstacles we encounter in our lives”
It's not just the music that is their focus, but a message of criticism aimed at mankind and society. Bloody Alvor is a new band, but with an ambience of the old school of punk attitude.
"Bloody Alvor will never resign, Bloody Alvor will never give up"
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