H7 reviews:

10/10 -  Metal "Blodhemn fascinates me from the first second up to the last tone." "Please, more of it!"

9/10 - Metal Temple: "I would highly recommend “H7” by BLODHEMN"

5/6 - Scream Magazine: "Hvis du liker det skittent og grimt kommer du ikke utenom dette albumet. Nok en norsk godbit å sette tennene i"

9,5/10 - The Black Flag: "This remarkable testament to the Black Metal tradition will be (and already is by many) adored by fans of the genre, and those who have not yet listened to Blodhemn I invite – and urge you – to do so”

With the release of “Holmengraa”, Blodhemn delivers a phenomenally strong debut album. It continues the tradition of great Norwegian Black Metal bands like Immortal, Enslaved and Gorgoroth, displaying a level of song- and riff writing not seen on many debut albums. The sound is organic, yet distinct and aggressive. 

Blodhemn saw the light of night in 2004, a one-man Black Metal band formed by Invisus as an outlet for his need to spread his music and lyrics. The first demo raised a lot of eyebrows in the underground scene in 2008, and the critically acclaimed EP “Brenn Alle Bruer” from 2010 made it clear that Invisus and Blodhemn were very serious about what they were doing. Blodhemn became an underground phenomenon, which soon earned a reputation as a stunning live band. As a result of this, the band was handpicked to play at the main stage of the industry festival, by:Larm, in 2011. The title track from “Brenn alle Bruer” was also played a lot on national rock radio.

For the next album, Invisus went back to his roots...
Far out on the western coast of Norway, you’ll find a dark and deserted island, with an antiquated lighthouse, by the name of Holmengraa. Weatherbeaten by the crushing waves of the North Sea, the island is a stormy center of grimness, fear and mysticism.

Inspired by this, Invisus composed Blodhemn's debut album. “Holmengraa” was recorded in November-December 2011 at Conclave and Earshot Studios, Bergen. It is an album consistent with old school black metal, but it also contains a wide range of diversity, originality and Blodhemn's very own, distinctive sound

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