"This is sooo goddamn good, why aren't they world-famous?!!" - Scream Magazine, Norway

'"Honestly, spectacular!" - TNT Radio Rock, ES

"This is one for Album Of The Year lists!” - 92/100, Zwaremetalen, NL

"An amazing album, you either love it or hate it!” - 6/6, RockNRoll Reporter, DE

"An awesome genre-mix, that is so damn fun!" - 8,5/10, Powermetal, DE

“This album is definitely a positive surprise!” - 8/10, Markus’ Heavy Metal Blog, DE

“This is bloody nice! THE ERKONAUTS is one hell of a cool act that I will follow for a long time now” - 4/5, Battle Helm, UK

"'I Shall Forgive' is one of those rare records where the production, songwriting and general concept come together to refine something excellent." - Two Metal Guys Reviews, USA

"The music is still full of energy and musicality; it grasps you from the first bar and refuses to let go before you've been rattled through the 9 tracks and 41 minutes!" - Musikknyheter, NO

“’I Shall Forgive’ is revealed as a novelty in the scene, which reaffirms the artist's demand to seek to innovate the style. Without further ado, The Erkonauts introduces themselves by raising their hats.” - 8/10, RTMB, MEX

“The Erkonauts don’t give one single solitary shit about “the rules”, instead they are happy to, like a whirling dervish of jangling ideas, flail out a collection of eccentric, predominantly uptempo statements of livewire rock.” - 7,5/10, Ghost Cult Mag, UK

“Amen to music that still makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up upon first listen. Frentic and fun.” - Rock N Roll Fables

“With ‘I Shall Forgive’, The Erkonauts has achieved an album that convinces with a very own style mix, a concentrated load of energy and a lot of variety.” - Art Noir, CH

After touring worldwide between 2014 and 2016 (with shows in USA, Europe, Asia and Russia), the band released their first album on Kaotoxin Records in 2016, a trip atop a giant rubber trampoline of funky-metal basslines, huge metal riffs, crusty punk vocals and serious prog, and has been hailed as one of the revelation of 2016, and their next release will be released through Indie Recordings soon, so stay tuned!

The eccentric Geneva-based powerhouse The Erkonauts, also labeled as the prog version of Motörhead, are finally out with their second studio album "I Shall Forgive"! With an epic blend of metal hysteria and tasteful progressive elements, their new album explores a new landscape of technical metal and storytelling definitely worth an attentive listen. 

"I Shall Forgive" was an intense album to create, made of hard work, sleepless nights, blood and tears. But it's also a really human album, the kind that entertains you, makes you want to move forward. We can't be more proud and happy now that it's out, and hope it's going to be the soundtrack of many people best moments in life!" - The Erkonauts

Band members: 

Ales Campanelli - Bass and vocals  // Bakdosh Puiatti - Rhythm guitars  //  Los Sebos - Lead Guitars  //  Kevin Choiral - Drums

Top 15 albums of 2016" Ranked #5 on  //  "It’s totally fucking great, so you definitively give it a listen" -
"Holy Shit, das rockt!" – Rock Hard DE //  "Un putain de must, pas moins" – Rock Hard FR
"What I heard left me speechless" - Rock Hard GR //  "This album's all over the place and it's wonderful" – Blabbermouth
"Another entry into the Swiss rock history books" – Uber Rock UK //  "Holy shit, this is a wild ride!" – Metal Hammer
"The Erkonauts totally rule!" – Sea of Tranquillity // "Un premier album époustouflant" – Hard Force

Ales Campanelli about "Chaos Never Fails To Appeal":

"I remember being extremely joyful when this song popped in my head. I rushed home to make sure the idea was still there and immediately started recording bits and pieces. Then it all came naturally; this song had to be about the magic in cards, dices, sleight of hand tricks, dangerous gambling and dancing skeletons, which by  the way are recurring themes in The Erkonauts music. It fits the music high energy tempo, and it fits our chaotic and highly enjoyed lives."