THE WRETCHED END - In These Woods, From These Mountains (LP)

THE WRETCHED END - In These Woods, From These Mountains (LP)


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At the conclusion of Zyklon, Samoth’s post-Emperor project, THE WRETCHED END began as a collaboration between Cosmo and himself in 2008. The duo previously worked together in death punk band Scum (also featuring former Emperor drummer Bard Faust, Happy Tom and Amen’s Casey Chaos). Due to Samoth’s extensive involvement with the assemblage of Emperor’s 20th Anniversary headliner shows for their pivotal album In the Nightside Eclipse, the recording process of the new album has been a longer journey than originally intended.

“It’s great to finally have this album ready for release,” comments Samoth. “It took us some years for various reasons; different things in our every day and professional lives that took a lot of focus on our parts. We never felt any great pressure. Looking back, I think the whole process affected the album in a positive way. I personally feel I’ve almost come full circle with this new album, bringing more elements rooted in the darkness of black metal.”

Black vinyl LP.

1. Dead Icons 
2. Primordial Freedom 
3. Old Norwegian Soul
4. Generic Drone
5. Misery Harbour 
6. Atheos 
7. The Decline and Fall 
8. Burrowing Deep 
9. Dewy Fields

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