STEAK NUMBER EIGHT - The Hutch (2LP Clear)

STEAK NUMBER EIGHT - The Hutch (2LP Clear)


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Reissue on vinyl format by Alone Records of the second full length album by  Steak Number Eight. The youngest ever winners of Belgium´s Humo's Rock Rally in 2008 collected excellent reviews with their previous “All Is Chaos” after Metal Hammer in UK put special attention on it. 
“The Hutch” , -previously eleased in 2013 – was the ultimate proof that Steak Number Eight were here to stay, convince and blow people’s minds, Combining devastating guitars and a hopeful sense of melody, the band took one step further towards creating their own unique sonic universe.
Their reputation for their earth shattering live shows has been present at main European Festivals at Ghost Fest, Graspop Metal Meeting or Hellfest.

2LP on clear vinyl.

1. Cryogenius
2. Black Eyed
3. Photonic
4. Push/Pull
5. Pilgrimage Of A Black Heart
6. Exile Of Our Marrow 
7. The Shrine
8. Slumber
9. Ashore
10. Rust
11. Tearwalker
12. The Sea Is Dying

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