SAHG - Delusions Of Grandeur (LP)

SAHG - Delusions Of Grandeur (LP)


  • €17.99

Reissue on vinyl format of the fourth full length album by Norwegian metallers Sahg, following a three years long renewal of the band's musical approach. After three albums, very much moulded around the same creative center-point, Sahg finds the need for a change. Otherworldly, mystical, unflinchingly progressive, and unafraid to call upon the powers of doom, 'Delusions Of Grandeur' is nothing less than 48 minutes of impeccable musicianship and flawless delivery. 

1. Slip Off The Edge Of The Universe
2. Blizzardborne
3. Firechild
4. Walls Of Delusion
5. Ether
6. Then Wakens The Beast
7. Odium Delirium
8. Sleeper´s Gate To The Galaxy

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