PUNGENT  STENCH - Club Monde Bizarre (CD Digipack)

PUNGENT STENCH - Club Monde Bizarre (CD Digipack)


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Dissonance Productions re-issue the classic albums of Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench.
"Club Mondo Bizarre" is the third album of the Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench originally released in 1994 on Nuclear Blast records. On "Club Mondo Bizarre", Pungent Stench tones down its grindcore/death metal similar to how Carcass and Entombed toned down theirs on Heartwork and Wolverine Blues, respectively, putting more emphasis on clear-cut song structuring with memorable riff-driven verses and vocal-chorus hooks. The group's songs benefit tremendously, making this its strongest album.

1.True Life
2.Klyster Boogie
3.Choked Just For A Joke
5.I’m A Family Man
6.Treatments Of Pain
7.In Search Of The Perfect Torture
8.Practice Suicide
9.Fuck Bizarre
10.Rape – pagar con la misma moneda

Bonus Tracks (live 13th March 1992 – Vienna, Austria)
12.Splatterday Nightfever
13.Race War – Games Of Humiliation
14.Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation
15.Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice
16.For God Your Soul - Suspended Animation
17.Extreme Deformity

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