WITCHCRAFT - Witchcraft (CD Re-issue)

WITCHCRAFT - Witchcraft (CD Re-issue)


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Witchcraft is a band seemingly unaffected by today’s technology and tired excuses for rock music, where “new for nu’s sake” equals boring and fake. With the album ‘Witchcraft’, they have come together to create something as close to pure as you can get in modern rock music. ‘Witchcraft’, is a record which conjures up the macabre essence of vintage Pentagram and, of course Black Sabbath whilst incorporating influences as wide apart as Jethro Tull's folky prog and the bludgeon riffing style of early 70’s Bang.

1. Witchcraft
2. The Snake
3. Please Don't Forget Me
4. Lady Winter
5. What I Am
6. Schyssta Lögner
7. No Angel or Demon
8. I Want You To Know
9. It's So Easy
10. You Bury Your Head Her Sisters They Were Weak

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