BATHORY - Requiem (LP)

BATHORY - Requiem (LP)


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Requiem is the seventh studio album by Swedish extreme metal band Bathory and considered the start of the third and most criticized era of their history. Recorded in 1994, three years after the Viking Metal album 'Twilight Of The Gods' Quorthon takes the band in a new direction, retro-thrash in the vein of 1980s Bay Area thrash bands. Notible changes are Quorthon singing style, no clean singing on this album or accoustic guitars and shorter songs.

01. Requiem 
02. Crosstitution 
03. Necroticus 
04. War Machine 
05. Blood and Soil 
06. Pax Vobiscum 
07. Suffocate 
08. Distinguish to Kill 
09. Apocalypse

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