BACKSTREET GIRLS - Don´t Mess With My Rock´N´Roll (CD)

BACKSTREET GIRLS - Don´t Mess With My Rock´N´Roll (CD)


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Backstreet Girls keep on rocking, never stopping. Norway’s hardest rocking boogie brothers return with a new album titled "Don’t Mess With My Rock'n'Roll". As if anyone could ever imagine trying to do that. The quartet, consisting of Petter Baarli, Bjørn Müller, Dan Thunderbird and Martin H-Son, have been recording in Amper Tone Studio in Oslo and the result is ten guitar-fuelled riffrock songs without any room for ballads, in the best BSG tradition.

Track list

1.Wild Women and Bad Bad Boys 
2. Rolling With The Stones 
3.Don’t Mess With My Rock’n’Roll 
5.Hound Dog Taylor Made
6.Down To Kill 
8.Back Again 
10.Soul Shaker

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